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If you love to sleep with a thick, fluffy blanket to keep you warm and comfortable at night, you’ll love Aloha Soft’s bamboo duvet comforter. A bamboo comforter is intended to go on top of your bamboo sheets. It creates multiple layers of bamboo bliss for you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. This bamboo duvet comforter is made of viscose from bamboo. They’re cool to the touch, but will keep you warm throughout the night thanks to their thermal-regulating properties. Bamboo comforters are also three times softer than cotton and allergy resistant. It’s easy to wash and will stay cleaner and fresher longer than non-bamboo comforters. And, because the comforters are made from such a renewable, sustainable resource, you’ll feel great inside and out, while sleeping with your bamboo comforter all night long.