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    Bamboo Pillow

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People and companies will tell you there are lots of things you should do to get a good night’s sleep, like having a good mattress. While we agree, we also believe having a good, soft pillow is just as important to getting a good night’s sleep. And the best soft pillows around are our bamboo pillows. Aloha Soft bamboo pillows are either 100% signature soft bamboo fill or bamboo memory foam with an outer layer made of bamboo that helps each pillow maintain its soft, cool and breathable properties. Each medium firm bamboo pillow also features plush layers that help the pillow retain its shape and adapt to your head size. Comfort isn’t the only bamboo pillow benefit contributing to a quality night of sleep. These are also hypoallergenic pillows, meaning the bamboo fibers naturally fight off bacteria and dust mites, so you know each night you’re lying your head down on something that’s comfortable, clean and fresh.